Applicant Tracking Systems?

Aditi Dosi
3 min readNov 23, 2022
Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are software applications that scan resumes and other job recruitment documents for relevant keywords such as skills, job titles, and educational background. To pass the ATS scan, your resume has to be formatted properly, and include the right words.

If you want to get to the interviewing stage —

You have to make your resume ATS friendly: use an ATS compliant template, add the right keywords, and make it a great read for the actual human recruiter.

Indispensable Features of an ATS for Indian Businesses

The growth of a company is heavily dependent on the kind of employees you hire; and in this respect, ATS is the perfect tool. Here are some of the benefits of ATS companies and startups enjoy:

1. Save an enormous amount of time through automation

Automate redundant tasks such as resume parsing, candidate screening, sending reminders, assessment tasks, email notifications, collaborating with the hiring team, and so on. With timely reminders, resume screening, duplicate detection, and improved collaboration, the hiring process is accelerated without compromising the quality of the candidates.

2. Create a repository of talented candidates

Receive a high number of applicants effortlessly. An ATS will let you post on multiple job boards in a single click and lets you create a career page that aligns with your company branding. With job board integrations such as, Linkedin, Indeed, etc., and social recruiting, ATS helps you easily gather candidates from multiple avenues and manage bulk recruiting. Even in the case of offline recruitment, such as campus recruitment, vendor management, walk-in interview, bulk recruiting, and so on, ATS will help you import all the details in bulk and maintain a talent pool full of able candidates who can be reached to even when the times seem rough.

3. Provide a superior candidate experience

Create a one-stop shop for all candidate information. Manage candidate resumes, schedule interviews, track their hiring progress, identify and merge duplicate profiles, and so much more. Some Applicant Tracking systems let the candidate schedule interviews at a date and time of their convenience, giving them more flexibility. With timely notification and email reminders, keep your candidates in the know frequently.

4. Provide a memorable onboarding experience

Onboarding sets your company’s first impression on your new hires. It has lasting effects and decides the employee’s choice of continuing in your organization. An application tracking system will ensure that you provide a smooth onboarding so that your new hires enjoy a great experience even before day one. Further, ATS software equipped with HRIS often provides unlimited storage space to manage employment documents and an employee self-service feature that makes it accessible to employees at their disposal.

5. Analysis and Compliance

Know what’s working for you and what isn’t when it comes to hiring using hiring metrics and reports. Also, With an applicant tracking system managing the laws around hiring, all you need to do is set it and forget it. There’s no need to have an HR personnel remember and check for compliance every time you make a hire.

6. Improves HR team’s productivity

The hiring team is informed of the interview schedules and receives timely reminders to give the interview feedback. HR teams no longer have to nudge them; ATS will take care of it. With increased automation, insightful analytics, and streamlined hiring, HR teams have more time to focus on experimentation and make impactful business decisions.