Eye Opener lessons for Corporate World:

The biggest lesson?

These people at the top, they are there for a reason. The path you’re walking on now, they’ve walked the same in the same shoes, sipping in the same heat to only get more spacious, calmer and knowledgeable with time, persistence and hardwork.

They’ve worked hard to reach there. Boss just doesn’t sit and rot the chair. His/her head is in a constant merry-go-round finding the solutions and taking decisions. Respect them!

Make a genuine effort to help others who need some help from you specific to your knowledge or skill. The cycle of Karma will enable you to get the same help when you need the same.

Never use capital case or offensive words in any written communication that can be used as an evidence of your unprofessional behavior and be used against you.

A simple list

Always remember your goodness will pay you back one day!

Just Hold Your Vision & Trust the PROCESS :)



Lifetime Learner :)

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