Git is free and open source software for distributed version control: tracking changes in any set of files, usually used for coordinating work among programmers collaboratively developing source code during software development.

What is Git and why is it used?

  • Centralized. All team members connect to a central server to get the latest code copy and share their contribution with others.
  • Distributed. In a distributed VCS, every team member has a copy of the project and its history on their machine, allowing them to save snapshots of the project locally.
Git is a distributed VCS that resolves the single point of failure issue because it allows members to synchronize their work even if the central server is offline.

How Does Git Work?

  • The Working Directory. The single checkout of one version of the project.
  • The Staging Area. An index that stores information about what the next commit will contain.
  • The Git Repository. The place where Git stores the metadata and object database for a project.
  • Modified. A file has been changed but not yet committed to the database.
  • Staged. A modified file in its current version is marked to go into the next commit snapshot.
  • Committed. The data is safely stored in your local database.




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