MEAN Web Development

Develop your real-time MEAN application efficiently using a combination of MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node

What is MEAN in web development?

  • MongoDB express is a schemaless NoSQL database system
  • Express JS is a framework used to build web applications in Node
  • AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google
  • Node.js is a server-side JavaScript execution environment

What is MongoDB?

What is Express.JS?

What is Angular JS?

What is Node JS?

Mean Stack Architecture

Mean Stack Architecture Diagram
  1. Firstly, the client makes a request which is processed by the AngularJS
  2. After that, the request moves to NodeJS which will parse the request.
  3. ExpressJs will make calls to MongoDB to get or set data.
  4. MongoDB will retrieve the requested data and return that request to the Express JS
  5. NodeJS will return the request to the client.
  6. At the client side, AngularJS to display the result fetched from MongoDB.



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