Aditi Dosi
2 min readSep 10, 2022


Netlify is a remote-first cloud computing company that offers a development platform that includes build, deploy, and serverless backend services for web applications and dynamic websites.

What is Netlify used for?

Netlify is the platform developers love for building highly-performant and dynamic websites, e-commerce stores and web applications. By uniting an extensive ecosystem of technologies, services and APIs into one workflow, Netlify unlocks new levels of team productivity, while saving time and money.

Is Netlify better than GitHub?

Netlify is your all-in-one solution.

At first glance, GitHub Pages and Netlify have a lot in common, but GitHub is not equipped for production sites with modern tooling. If you need deploy previews, pain-free site updates, rollbacks, and the ability to scale, Netlify is the obvious upgrade.

Is Netlify hosted on AWS?

Netlify is an AWS ISV Technology Partner, that has been vetted and approved for AWS partnership.

Which is better Heroku or Netlify?

Heroku is better suited for backend developers. — Netlify is better suited for frontend developers. — Heroku works with mobile and web projects. — Netlify is designed for web projects.

How do I host a website on Netlify?

Setting things up is mostly signing up for accounts so I’ll just lay out all of the steps here. We also go over each step in our video.

  1. Have your static or statically generated website. A static site, statically generated blog with something like Gatsby, or even a Jamstack site (but this requires a little more setup).
  2. Push your code to GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab
  3. Create a Netlify Account. Go signup and signup with the hosting provider of your code.
  4. In your “Overview” page select New site from Git
  5. Select the repo you want to deploy. Then you’ll need to enter the build command and the folder for Netlify to distribute. Something like parcel build index.html and dist if you are deploying a static site with Parcel
  6. Wait for your app to deploy! Netlify will now start building and deploying your website. In a few minutes, Netlify will give you a URL to view your website and your website will be deployed.

That’s it!

Your site should now be deployed with Netlify and ready for the world to see. You can start sharing your site with the domain Netlify gives you, or Netlify also allows you to set your custom domain. That will be a post for another time since it is different for every domain provider.