NoSQL Database

Aditi Dosi
2 min readAug 31, 2022
NoSQL databases store data in documents rather than relational tables. Accordingly, we classify them as “not only SQL” and subdivide them by a variety of flexible data models. Types of NoSQL databases include pure document databases, key-value stores, wide-column databases, and graph databases.

NoSQL is used for Big data and real-time web apps. For example, companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google collect terabytes of user data every single day. NoSQL database stands for “Not Only SQL” or “Not SQL.” Though a better term would be “NoREL”, NoSQL caught on. Carl Strozz introduced the NoSQL concept in 1998.

Which NoSQL DB is best?

As the most efficient NoSQL database option for websites and API endpoints, MongoDB is easy to get started with, and it can grow and evolve with your website. MongoDB already has excellent integration with popular web programming languages like Python, PHP, Node, Java, Golang, and many others.

NoSQL owned by Oracle Corporation:Oracle NoSQL Database.

When should NoSQL be used:

  1. When a huge amount of data needs to be stored and retrieved.
  2. The relationship between the data you store is not that important
  3. The data changes over time and is not structured.
  4. Support of Constraints and Joins is not required at the database level
  5. The data is growing continuously and you need to scale the database regularly to handle the data.