Spring Boot

The Spring Framework provides a comprehensive programming and configuration model for modern Java-based enterprise applications — on any type of deployment platform.

What is SpringBoot?

Why Spring Boot?

  • It provides a flexible way to configure Java Beans, XML configuration, and database transactions.
  • It provides powerful batch processing and manages REST endpoints.
  • In Spring Boot, everything is autoconfigured; No manual configuration is required.
  • It provides an annotation-based Spring application
  • Makes dependency management easy
  • Includes Embedded Servlet Container.

Why is Springboot is important in a Programming language?

Where can you use a spring boot?

What is the Benefits of Springboot?

  • Fast and easy development of Spring-based applications.
  • No need for the deployment of war files.
  • The ability to create standalone applications.
  • No need for XML configuration.
  • Reduced amounts of source code.



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